[Bug 32415] Re: Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard Broken in Dapper/Edgy/Feisty

amedee amedee at amedee.be
Sun Mar 23 10:31:55 GMT 2008

On Sun, March 23, 2008 01:42, ChaseNeveu wrote:
> After searching the internet for solutions to my particular bluetooth
> problem, I've come across dozens of these bug reports. It's the same for
> each one:
> "My keyboard/mouse won't reconnect after reboot/suspend/idle."
> And the response has been the same too:
> "Try entering this into your configs and/or uninstall bluetooth
> entirely." ('this' being a reference to instructions posted in one
> particular thread I've been directed to about 12 separate times;
> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=227057)
> I've read through all these bug reports for a solution, tried the
> workarounds--I'm still unable to get my keyboard or mouse to
> consistently connect on boot. It's not a viable option for me to find
> another keyboard every time I need to LOG IN. It wouldn't make me so
> upset if this was a relatively new occurrence. It's not. It's been
> around for a long while. Dapper, Feisty, Gusty, and now symptoms on
> Hardy too. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought these bug reports were
> supposed to fix bugs, not direct people to workarounds that don't work.
> If there are so many reports, how is this problem not yet fixed? How is
> this on the back burner, while other negligible problems are being
> solved? Or maybe I'm the only one who needs a keyboard or mouse to
> operate Ubuntu--I don't think that's the case, considering the
> prevalence of laptops and wireless solutions touted in this modern age.
> These problems need to be fixed, especially if usability is of concern
> here.
> It's not very welcoming to boot into Linux, only to be greeted by a
> login screen with no input method.
ACK all the way.

I will give a Logitech bluetooth keyboard+mouse to the developer who can
solve this problem, or I will donate the value of that keyb+mouse to a
charity of his/her choice. That is an incentive of about 100€ if I'm not
mistaken. If there are others who are also willing to donate, I'll set up
a pledge site to get this bug fixed.

Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard Broken in Dapper/Edgy/Feisty
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