[Bug 173107] Re: bluetooth module can't recieve filetransfer

Pascal d'Hermilly pascal at tipisoft.dk
Sat Dec 1 10:12:02 GMT 2007

I didn't have gnome-bluetooth installed. but this is not a default program, right?
Anyway, it didn't change the behaviour that I started it. I still can't connect.

Also I tested with a Kubuntu 7.10 live cd. It doesn't work. 
It does however work out of the box with an old 6.06 Kubuntu dapper cd I had lying around.

I'm quite sure it also works out of the box with 7.04 live cd, although
I haven't tested today. partly because I never had this problem before
upgrading to gutsy.

bluetooth module can't recieve filetransfer 
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