[Ubuntu-be] LanParty: Event LanForce

Adrien Rami ramtar at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 19:59:53 UTC 2012


if you remember there was a special IRC meeting for a guest who organise 
big lan party. http://www.lanforce.be

He asked some help about Ubuntu's Server Technologies. And about 
sponsoring by Ubuntu for the event. Such as goodies and some visibility 
of Ubuntu on this big event. (about 200 persons). He is an Ubuntu's 
lover and he would like to help us to spread Ubuntu.

If someone is interested to participate to this event or to help to give 
information about configuration of Ubuntu Server you are welcome.

I will be on the Ubuntu-be Channel this Sunday at 2 pm with Lanforce.

Thank's in advance

Adrien Rami

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