[Ubuntu-be] Remember - IRC meeting tomorrow Thursday 28/10/2010 at 21.00 hr.

Steven Leeman steven at leeman.be
Thu Oct 28 10:48:30 BST 2010

On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 11:14 AM, Jan Bongaerts <jbongaerts at gmail.com>wrote:

> Unfortunately I won't be there again.
> I'm still compiling some introsession for a school, and could use some
> ideas on what to show
> 1) using the live CD

almost everything is possible to show but you can't show it in 100% Dutch as
this requires it to be able to download/upgrade languagefiles which is not
possible in this "readonly" mode... a lot of applications are allready added
to a basic ubuntu...
but don't try to play mp3, divx, flash... I don't know if you can install
"restricted-extra's" on a livecd

> 2) using a normally installed system.
> I would like to know the following background info, to answer some probable
> questions..
> a) Why does Linux need so little memory to run (min 384MB if I'm not
> mistaken), compared to Windows (min 1GB I think)?
> there is a difference between recommended and required memory... and also
which windows are you linking to which linux?
Imho I've never found a "gui" linux that can be used on a very low end
pc.... while Windows 3.1 can work on such low end pc
eg 386 pc with 2mbyte RAM... it will run just fine with Windows 3.1 and Word
6.... but don't expect to use Netscape on current websites! Best is to
migrate to an Ipad as explained in this movie :
While PuppyLinux or DamnSmallLinux require at least 64mbyte and in the
latest releases even 128mbyte is required ...
Windows XP works nice with 128mbyte RAM; but 256mbyte is recommended...
with Vista/7 it will run indeed better with 1gbyte and more ram :-)

> b) Why isn't it necessary to 'defragment' a Linux hard disk, like one needs
> to do in Windows?
who says it isn't necessary? they never ported the ext2defrag to ext3/ext4
... but in reality it fragments as nice as ntfs overtime

> c)Confirm that software packages in Linux are much lighter because of the
> multi-package structure. If not, please give reason.

not necessarly... windows packages tend to contain a lot of libraries
(static links) while linux packages can install a lot of dependencies making
the overall installation as big or even bigger

> d)Confirm that the most important safety feature in Linux is due to the
> fact that you always need a password to become root, and that the second
> most important reason is that there is little standardisation, so difficult
> to write malware that works on all flavours of the target software.
> * the heterogenous nature of "linux" installations/distributions is one
* another reason is that you have daily patches that will try to patch
everything installed according to your package manager (if you haven't
compiled it yourself) and not only the linux kernel...
* another reason perhaps is that ubuntu / linux for the desktop is not
running any server stuff by default... while on any windows services list
you will notice also services running and a netstat -an will have "listen"
processes listed....
some articles :
http://www.security.nl/artikel/34848/1/Linux_te_kapen_via_de_Kernel.html ->
but almost no one will enable RDS on their Linux distribution on purpose....
more serious was the Glibc fault:
make notice that recent versions of ubuntu have no influence of this fault.
and in september there was another linux security issue... but it got

Microsoft still has serious issues unpatched after several years.
Even Siemens has not closed all holes in the Stuxx-worm which affects

> e) Confirm that apps usually run faster in Linux than in Windows, because
> of the different memory management.
> Those are just some of the things I can think of now.
> I'd love to hear feedback from the experts here.
> Regards,
> Jan.
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