[Ubuntu-be] IRC meeting 20/01/2010 - report

Jean7491 Jean7491 at free.fr
Thu Jan 21 22:33:33 GMT 2010

IRC meeting 20/01/2010 – Report
Present at the meeting (in random order) : nero_, mimor, jean7491, 
hfsdo, pvandewyngaerde, JanC, XiaoShiZi, ADcomp, zuzuzzzip, guydup, 

1. Future events
a. Dipro Hasselt 24/01
The team is complete, the preparation is ongoing and Lars is 
coordinating the booth. The wiki page 
(https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ComputerFairs/Hasselt_2010-01-24 ) 
has to be updated by the coordinator and the participants.

b. Dipro Ghent 31/01
The team is complete, the preparation is ongoing and Kenneth is 
coordinating the booth : he will call an IRC meeting for the 
participants (Monday 25/01/2010 at 21,00 hr.). The wiki page 
(https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ComputerFairs/Gent_2010-01-31 ) has 
to be updated by the coordinator and the participants.

c. Dipro Kortrijk 07/02
The team is for the moment very limited: yanu, wamukota and jean7491 i: 
we still need 2 additional volunteers from Kortrijk area. JanC and 
pvandewyngaerde will contact other people (liezie?, Georges). Eventually 
ADcomp could spend some time at this fair (TBC).

d. Fosdem 2010 6-7/01
JanC received the conference pack and is trying to order stuff to sell 
at the booth. He will coordinate this event, including wiki page.

e. Hobby & Computerdagen (20/02/2010 – 21/02/2010)
HCC - regio Vlaanderen proposed Ubuntu-be a cooperation within their 
booth (total length 16 m.)
A space (about 3m width) is reserved for Ubuntu-be and HCC-Vl proposes 
to install a multiseat from from Linux-Service.
guydup suggests to use a multiseat with 2x 250cm in a 90° angle or in 
square also:250x250cm with a big inflatable tux in the middle.
Volunteers: for the 2 days, we need 2 different teams of 3. nero and 
jurgen (both members of HCC-Vl) will (likely) coordinate the teams. Who 
(from Antwerp area is volunteer for this event.
Ubuntu-be can provide promotion material (posters, banners, flyers, and 
s.o. - to be determined).
CD's: the stock of Canonical official CD's is very limited. It will be 
necessary to burn CD-R's at home before the event. Question is where to 
buy CD-R's at the best price ? Model of Ubuntu 9.10 CD sleeve (to be 
home-printed on a white CD-sleeve) is available in the wiki 

f. Ubuntu 10.04LTS release
HCC Vl would like to organise an install party shortly after 10.04LTS 
release date : we can support this event.

2. Promotion material : nothing
3. Support points map status
mongolito404 hopes to be able to release the first version for the end 
of February.

4. Things living in the mailing list
Has someone information about how and where to produce Ubuntu-be cd's 
(for 10.04LTS) ? bbartek ?

5. Next IRC meeting on 27/01/2010 at 21 h.

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