[Ubuntu-be] IRC meeting 20/01/2010 - report

Jurgen Gaeremyn jurgen.gaeremyn at pandora.be
Fri Jan 22 05:17:09 GMT 2010


I recently attended my first dipro-stand where I was part of the 
Ubuntu-be team. I was then too asked to coordinate, as everyone was new. 
Afterwards, I asked not to put me in that place again, as I don't feel I 
can do this as it should be done (I'm bad at coordinating). I actually 
hope to be able to be around the stand one of the two days of the H&C 
days, but I can't even commit to being there the two days.
I enjoy being on a stand and addressing people to introduce them to 
Ubuntu - my strengths are: I easily talk to people and I tend to
have an intuition to understand their questions... I also tend to have 
(somewhat chaotic but creative) ideas every now and then... (oh yeah, 
and I'm convinced as a user)

So I'm not the Linux expert, nor am I a great organizer... Luckily, on 
both of these terrains there are other people available too. I've got my 
hands full on getting my new job organized for the moment.
I'll answer any questions I know the answer to, so ask ahead - but don't 
put me in that spot where I have to ask (myself) the questions (f.e. 
about how to organize)...

Friendly regards,

Op 21/01/2010 23:33, Jean7491 schreef:
> IRC meeting 20/01/2010 – Report
> Present at the meeting (in random order) : nero_, mimor, jean7491,
> hfsdo, pvandewyngaerde, JanC, XiaoShiZi, ADcomp, zuzuzzzip, guydup,
> mongolito404,
> e. Hobby&  Computerdagen (20/02/2010 – 21/02/2010)
> HCC - regio Vlaanderen proposed Ubuntu-be a cooperation within their
> booth (total length 16 m.)
> http://www.hcc-vl.be/d001/content/hobby-en-computerdagen
> A space (about 3m width) is reserved for Ubuntu-be and HCC-Vl proposes
> to install a multiseat from from Linux-Service.
> guydup suggests to use a multiseat with 2x 250cm in a 90° angle or in
> square also:250x250cm with a big inflatable tux in the middle.
> Volunteers: for the 2 days, we need 2 different teams of 3. nero and
> jurgen (both members of HCC-Vl) will (likely) coordinate the teams. Who
> (from Antwerp area is volunteer for this event.
> Ubuntu-be can provide promotion material (posters, banners, flyers, and
> s.o. - to be determined).
> CD's: the stock of Canonical official CD's is very limited. It will be
> necessary to burn CD-R's at home before the event. Question is where to
> buy CD-R's at the best price ? Model of Ubuntu 9.10 CD sleeve (to be
> home-printed on a white CD-sleeve) is available in the wiki
> (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ComputerFairs?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=CD+jacket+9-10-Nl-+ubuntu-be.odg
> )

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