[Ubuntu-be] ubuntu gaming + live cd

Jan Claeys ubuntu at janc.be
Fri Aug 20 23:10:01 BST 2010

Op donderdag 19-08-2010 om 13:38 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Bram
> I'm a member of the youth council of Blankenberge (jeugdraad
> Blankenberge).
> This year we will organize our second edition of Bl at n, our lanparty.
> As a regular user of ubuntu I thought that it could be an opportunity
> to show gaming possibilities on ubuntu to our members. Any information
> regarding the following can be of great value:


> -Is it possible to create a live cd with for instance warzone 2100
> preinstalled? (We will not have any internetconnection available)

That should certainly be possible, or otherwise you can set up a small
local repository with the required packages (or even just a copy of all
required packages to install with "dpkg -i" -- you could make a simple
script to install them).

> -Is it at all possible to guarantee working hardware and network for
> most of our users using a live cd? (Or for instance a wubi
> installation)

Guaranteeing that is not possible, but _wired_ networking should almost
always work.  Possible problems are wireless (but I doubt you use that
for gaming?) & graphics cards...

> -Does ubuntu-be have any promotional material available regarding
> linux gaming or ubuntu that could be used? (I'm also available in
> Ghent to collect these materials)

We have some promotional material about Ubuntu, but not specifically
about gaming.  But there is an (international) group that does "gaming
on Ubuntu" stuff, maybe they have promotional material?

> -Recommendations for multiplayer games?

I don't game much myself, but you could try Armagetron Advanced
('armagetronad' package).

Maybe you can also have a look at http://www.playonlinux.com/en/ for
running Windows games on WINE (never tried that myself, but stumbled on
it some time ago).

> -Any other thoughts? 

If you have a projector, that can be nice to show things to a bigger
group of people before they have to install anything.

Jan Claeys

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