[Ubuntu-be] ubuntu gaming + live cd

Bram Gadeyne gadeynebram at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 12:38:50 BST 2010

Hello all,

I'm a member of the youth council of Blankenberge (jeugdraad Blankenberge).
This year we will organize our second edition of Bl op n, our lanparty.

As a regular user of ubuntu I thought that it could be an opportunity to
show gaming possibilities on ubuntu to our members. Any information
regarding the following can be of great value:

-Is it possible to create a live cd with for instance warzone 2100
preinstalled? (We will not have any internetconnection available)
-Is it at all possible to guarantee working hardware and network for most of
our users using a live cd? (Or for instance a wubi installation)
-Does ubuntu-be have any promotional material available regarding linux
gaming or ubuntu that could be used? (I'm also available in Ghent to collect
these materials)
-Recommendations for multiplayer games?
-Any other thoughts?

With kind regards
Bram Gadeyne
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