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Mike Morraye mike at morraye.be
Fri Sep 4 17:20:03 BST 2009

On Thu, 2009-09-03 at 23:59 +0200, jean7491 wrote:
> Hi,
> Here my opinion on this topic:
> 1. For now, a poll like suggested is voting about an idea without
> argumentation and without a clear view on the project.
> You wrote : "We are talking about a forum to discuss our actions and
> activities." , but is this limitation included in the project we will
> vote for ?
> I am not convince that a forum will ease the problem of communication :
> posting information about an event will only reach people going to this
> topic in the forum and not the potential readers in the mailing-list and
> posting 2 times (in the mailing-list and in the forum) is a lost of time.
> Before the poll, we  need a comprehensive project on  this topic.

When starting or following a topic on a forum, we can send the link to
the thread to the mailing list.

> 2. In my view, launching a debate about this poll at this moment is not
> the best thing, as the priority in the mailing-list should be the
> upcoming events we are organizing. Cluttering the list with more topics
> and debates will contribute to divert the attention of readers from
> important messages.
There will always be something on our hands.
This is an opportunity how many people from the mailinglist find the
idea of having a forum good and how many oppose.

> 3. But if finally it helps Ubuntu-be to be more efficient in its
> ambition "The goal of the ubuntu-be.org-team is to motivate the growth
> of the ecosystem of the people, non-profit, and inter-governmental
> institutions using Ubuntu in and around Belgium.", I'll agree with.

jaj ;)

> Jean

Mike Morraye <mike at morraye.be>

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