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jean7491 jean7491 at free.fr
Thu Sep 3 22:59:03 BST 2009


Here my opinion on this topic:

1. For now, a poll like suggested is voting about an idea without
argumentation and without a clear view on the project.
You wrote : "We are talking about a forum to discuss our actions and
activities." , but is this limitation included in the project we will
vote for ?
I am not convince that a forum will ease the problem of communication :
posting information about an event will only reach people going to this
topic in the forum and not the potential readers in the mailing-list and
posting 2 times (in the mailing-list and in the forum) is a lost of time.
Before the poll, we  need a comprehensive project on  this topic.

2. In my view, launching a debate about this poll at this moment is not
the best thing, as the priority in the mailing-list should be the
upcoming events we are organizing. Cluttering the list with more topics
and debates will contribute to divert the attention of readers from
important messages.

3. But if finally it helps Ubuntu-be to be more efficient in its
ambition "The goal of the ubuntu-be.org-team is to motivate the growth
of the ecosystem of the people, non-profit, and inter-governmental
institutions using Ubuntu in and around Belgium.", I'll agree with.


Pierre Buyle a écrit :
> Hi (again),
> I lightly reworked the poll. It will open in 12 hours and close on
> September the 9th at 8pm. The next meeting is scheduled the same day
> some at 9pm. My proposition is to acknowledge the poll results during
> this meeting. If the votes in favor of trying a forum, we should ask
> to have our own forum hosted by Ubuntu Forums (see
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCreatingForum). By this time we should
> have at least on volunteer to moderate the forum (as required by
> ubuntuforums.org).
> Is this ok for everybody ?
> PS: If needed we can expand to poll until the 16th.
> PPS: Interested moderators are invited to consult the Ubuntu Forums
> Code of Conduct (http://ubuntuforums.org/index.php?page=policy) and
> agree to try their best to meet the exceptions in Section III.
> --
> mongolito404

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