[Ubuntu-be] IRC meeting 18/11/2009 - Report

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For the Support Point Map, I have the following suggestion:
Send an e-mail to every support point every three months:"Please click this
link if you still want to be a support point listed on our map."
Anyone not clicking the link (after getting one or two reminders) will be
automatically deleted.

This way the list stays up to date with dedicated volunteers.


On Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 9:42 PM, Jean7491 <Jean7491 at free.fr> wrote:

> IRC meeting report
> Present at the IRC meeting 18/11/2009 (in random order) : LarsB, nero_,
> mongolito404, jean7491, jurgentje, guydup.
> 1. Future events
>  a. Dipro fair Antwerp 29/11
> The manning of the booth is OK, the team will be coordinate tby Bram.
> About material : hardware and promotion material are available.
>  b. Dipro Genk 06/12
> The manning of the booth (4) is OK, coordination has to be done between
> the volunteers. About material : enough hardware (2 pc's from sponsor
> Alupcs, are at disposal) and a promotion material set is available in
> Antwerp.
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ComputerFairs/Genk_2009-12-06
>  c. Dipro fair Mechelen 13/12
> The manning of the booth (5) is OK, a promotion material set is
> available in Antwerp and additional promo-material in Ostend.
> Coordination by Jurgen (thanks Jurgen!, participants will contact you)
> and through the wiki
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ComputerFairs/Mechelen_2009-12-13,
> especially about material and hardware.
>  d. Meeting Digipolis on Openbaar Computer Ruimtes in Ghent
> Digipolis.be invited Ubuntu-be to a meeting on Openbaar Computer Ruimtes
> in Ghent on 14/12/2009 AM. We have the opportunity to present Ubuntu to
> interested people.
> Kenneth ccould be present at the meeting (TBC), but we certainly need
> assitance for him : are there volunteers from Ghent area ready to help
> Kenneth for this presentation ?
>  e. Future events in 2010
> The Dipro calendar is not yet known.
> It was suggested to think about a release party for Lucid Lynx 10.04LTS.
> Does Ubuntu-be whish to organize a large release party, as in 2008 for
> 8.04LTS ?
> Ideas and comments can be send in the mailing list
> Who is interested by the topic can post in the mailing list or contact
> the events team for exchange of ideas.
> 2. Promotion material
> Nothing.
> 3. Things living in the mailing list
> Support points - questions about the reliability and the update of the
> list/map.
> We need to update the support map as the lack of reaction of support
> points gives   a negative image of Ubuntu community.
> The support points map is usefull : although it is not the purpose of
> the map, it was used to find volunteers for Dipro fairs, with
> approximately 10 to 15% of  answers. All these answers were positive.
> mongolito404 proposes the following plan of action :
> - the first step would be to enable a member contact form on the website.
> - then we need a way for site member (registred user) to state their
> commitments, and a way for visitor to search members based on their
> commitments,
> - the search result could be displayed as list and/or map,
> - additional features such a opt-out link could be added using whatever
> Drupal provides.
> Any help is welcome. Volunteers are strongly invited to contact
> mongolito404.
> 4. Next IRC meeting on 25/11/2009 at 21 h.
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> Jean
> /Ubuntu Belgium Events Team/
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