[Ubuntu-be] [OT] (NL): EC wil af van open standaarden

Y P yellow.penguin at edpnet.be
Wed Nov 4 13:06:53 GMT 2009


On Tue, Nov 03, 2009 at 11:24:09AM +0100, Michael Holzleithner wrote:
> I do consider this very important, and I am actually wondering how we can
> voice our displeasure. Consider that this basically means that all over the
> EU Microsoft products can and will be used. Why is that bad? Because the
> average Joe will not be able to use Ubuntu to open and save all his official
> documents. He will need Microsoft Software, for which he will pay money to
> Microsoft. All EU governments will get into bed with Microsoft as well, and
> this spells out BILLIONS of euro's getting into Microsoft's cash register.

In fact I'm as afraid as you regarding the fact that MS is encouraged by the
EC to keep it's superior position on the market;
but while I thing Opensource systems like Ubuntu will always be able soon or
later to open and save non openstandaard docs, I am asking myself why EC
will stop encouraging the openstandards so that interaction between ALL
systems may be warranted ?
and that's the reason why I thought this may have sense to psot it because I
think the Linux community will always be the first victim when something
good like openstandards turn into other choices by politicals, by
enterprises, schools etc:
does they still haven't understood that the Internet is what it is thanks to
html, an open standard that unifies many and many systems and browsers
around one same document ?
If Europe = unity, they'll better work on it for all things that they
decide, also when it concerns the informatics, and formats.

(just my fifty cent !)

Y P 

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