Geen onderwerp

Mon Mar 16 18:30:53 GMT 2009

with questions, explanations and demonstrations (full manning of the<br>
booth was necessary !). From 14 to 15.30 h. : less visitors, but<br>
permanently 2 or 3 visitors with questions. Till the end (17 h.) people<br>
came through with some questions, the last one when the computers were<br>
already off.<br>
Some people did not know about the existence of Ubuntu, likely they were<br=
more interested by the photography fair than in computer, but we succeed<br=
to attract their attention. The diaporama/presentation of Ubuntu<br>
(available in wiki) has been successful for this public.<br>
Many questions about the co-existence Ubuntu - Windows (dualboot) and<br>
how to work with a live-cd.<br>
Summarry : it was a successful event for Ubuntu promotion.<br>
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