[Ubuntu-be] Dipro fair in Mechelen on 29/03/2009

Jan Claeys ubuntu at janc.be
Sun Mar 22 02:28:45 GMT 2009

Op zaterdag 21-03-2009 om 21:02 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Jurgen
> *1) Is there some Ubuntu support?* Ubudget (Ubuntu Budget), 
> merchandising stuff, ... ?

Budget: maybe the booth price (38 euro)?

But make sure you ask people to give some money if they want; put a gift
box on the table and if people ask if the CDs are free, say: "yes, but a
gift to cover our expenses is really appreciated".  (Put a bit of your
own money in the gift box before the fair starts though, as apparently
no visitor wants to be the first to give a gift ;) )

Except for last fair in Bruges (where there weren't many visitors for
some reason), we've always been able to pay the booth price from those
gifts here in West-Flanders.

> Are we expected to burn CD-R's ourselves for the event?
> How much should I have to burn to be realistic?
> Don't feel like having 100 left over at the end of the day. I don't use 
> much CD-R myself (mostly CR-RW and DVD-RW), so I don't want to have a 
> huge bunch of empty CD-R's lying around here for too long of a time...

Yes, but you can maybe burn them as people come & go.  You can also pass
on leftover empty CD-Rs to the people who'll do the following fair.

I expect to have official 9.04 CDs in early May though.

> Also I don't have anything to visualize the stand (posters, TUX-puppet, 
> etc...) Is there a stock on this? (and how to get this?)

I have posters, and I think François has some too (he's probably nearer
to you).  I can also provide some stickers & a couple of baseball caps &
T-shirts, as well as some CD-stands.  (This is also true for people who
do other booths, but if many want these, you'll have to share them...)

> *2) I need company*
> I've never even been at a Ubuntu booth (I've been at 1 Dipro fair 
> november last year, but there was no Ubuntu booth there that time), so I 
> haven't helped standing at one either... I can't see me standing alone 
> there. If there is someone else to accompany me, I'll be happy to be 
> there for that day (and take my computer along - it's a pretty high-end 
> PC with 2 old LCD monitors doing a great job) I assembled the computer 
> myself, bought the components at Dipro...

Of course, 2 people is the bare minimum, and 3 people is the practical
minimum to operate a booth, 4 or 5 might be even better.  You might need
to go to the toilet or get something to eat/drink, and leaving your
high-end PC and other equipment unattended is probably not a good idea,
so doing it alone is out of the question.

Also, for all those who want to do a fair booth, let me know in time
once you've found enough people, so that I can actually order a booth
for you...  ;-)

Jan Claeys

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