[Ubuntu-be] A new communication channel must be created

Alain Baudrez a.baudrez at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 20:27:33 BST 2009


One of the recurrent topics in the weekly IRC meetings is the organization
of events. Up to now the events have been Dipro and/or Computer fair based.
If a dedicated Ubuntu user wants to create a demo or another event in his
town or school or ... he/she cannot contact the events team directly. Our
website lacks a Event Team contact page and email address.

I propose to create a workgroup consisting of one Point of Contact per

Communication can be done as follows:

One global "events request/support" email address. All members of the Events
Team must receive the event request/support email and automatically take
action. That person then becomes the sole point of contact for the person
requesting or support.
Create an event request/support form on a webpage with an option list
consisting of all the provinces. Based on the selected province, the
representativate of that province receives the mail as well as the the

Once the rest of the Events Team has been informed and the request is
withheld, the information can be delivered to the other members of the
Belgian Loco Team using this maillist or an IRC meeting.

A new webpage should also be created explaining the what/where/how of
requesting our support in creating an event

Your comments are welcome and who will lead the way in this project?

aka Wamukota
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