[Ubuntu-be] IRC meeting on 03/06/2009 - report

jean7491 jean7491 at free.fr
Thu Jun 4 23:32:18 BST 2009

Here the report of the last IRC meeting.
Next IRC meeting on Wednesday 10/06/2009 at 21 h. on #ubuntu-be --

Present at the IRC meeting 03/06/2009 (in random order) : JanC,
Wamukota, Vigo, mimor, jean7491, stani, mollymasta

1. Relation with other LUG's and computer clubs

with better contacts with other groups we could improve actively our
promotion actions, for example we could cooperate to organize common
booth in some occasions.

A mail has been posted on Seniorennet Linux mailgroup, but no response.

Question : who has contact with these lugs and computer clubs and is
ready to be interface for contacts? Till now, we have contact with HCC
in Mechelen and Ugent's group Zeus.

For the next months there are priorities - lilit.be for the BBQ on
22/08, Hasselt Dipro fair on 27/09 (BitMappers) and Charleroi Dipro fair
on 11/10, and BxLug for release/install party and other events.

At Wamukota intiative, a mail will be prepared and sent to the known
LUG's for a first contact, then exchange of info about what we do and
what they do, and later cooperation, if possible.

2. Other events

mimor ( ubuntu op morraye.be) will work on the next release-party for
Ghent, if people are wanting to help, they're welcome.

When ? The release party should be between Dipro Ghent 08/11 and Dipro
Antwerpen 29/11. First proposed date is 21/11 (to be confirmed).

Where ? If possible, several locations with a choice (date, public,
extent of the party, content, ...). To be followed in next meetings.

Press can be associated/invited to the next release party.

The program of Dipro fairs september to december is posted in the wiki,
names of volunteers for the booths can be added in the wiki

Generally there are 2 types of events : twice a year a release party
type of event, and the dipro fair type of event. For each a scenario
(pepole, hardware, software, ...) should be written.

The wiki is completed for the Dipro fairs. mimor will work on the
requirements for a release party and some "workflow" for organising it.

About events, we already spoke about the events-team, but we should
consider what are the missions of this team ? Here are a few proposals:

- first thing is looking for opportunities to develop the promotion of
Ubuntu (and open source),

- then establishing a calendar of future events and publish it in

- taking initiative to launch the organisation of activities/events,

and helping organisators (booth-teams or event-core-teams) to organize

The events-team should give the first impulse, and, for each
activity/event, an ad-hoc core-team or booth-team should be in charge of
the detailed organisation and execution.

3. Promotion material

Confection of a banner Ubuntu Belgian LoCo Team : we are still looking
for volunteers to work on with Indra in Stekene end of june (?). Perhaps
from Ghent area (with mimor and Gh0sty)?

Wamukota suggests a newspaper interview of Clickx interview around mid
October (Windows 7 release) just to counteract the overwhelming MS
propaganda. Reactions and proposals are expected from the readers of the
mailing list.

Sponsors for the Ubuntu-be activities could help : new sponsor proposals
or already known sponsors?

For use in fairs (booth) and other parties, we need material to clearly
identify the people in charge of the activity : a badge (10 to 20 ex.)
for the Belgian LoCo Team with Ubuntu lanyards and black t-shirts. Do we
have funds to pay for the furniture?

4. Next meeting ?

Next IRC meeting on 10/06/2009 at 21 h.

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