[Ubuntu-be] Fwd: 50eme candidat Ecolo à la région - priorités de campagne - défense des logiciels libres

Jan Claeys ubuntu at janc.be
Wed Jun 3 23:09:33 BST 2009

Op maandag 01-06-2009 om 00:31 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Nicolas
> For a number os us, this is not spam but information.

As long as it's related to Ubuntu, or open source more in general, and
as long as no flame war ensues, I'm okay with mails about politics.

Also interesting here are the answers to Tille's questions sent to the
political parties:

> However, for information, I do not like avatars nor messages from
> people who hide their real names, like midali. Thanks to tell us your
> real name and to go on discussing with this identity.

What proves that "Jan Claeys" or "Nicolas Pettiaux" are real names?

People have the right to use nicknames, and such an "on-line identity"
is as credible as the sum of things said and actions done under that

Jan Claeys

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