[Ubuntu-be] stuff to sell at FOSDEM (was: FOSDEM booth)

guy duportail guy at linux-service.be
Wed Jan 21 20:55:59 GMT 2009

Ok, it seems that you can save the shopping cart.
Contact me privately for my account login and pass.
I will pay if you are ready with shopping.


Op woensdag 21 januari 2009 21:22, schreef Jan Claeys:
> Op woensdag 21-01-2009 om 20:58 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef guy
> duportail:
> > I can.I have account there.How much will it be?
> Oh, I forgot to think about you for this...  Also, if I pick up the
> multiseat for FOSDEM, we can load this stuff in your "camionette" too.
> I think it would be around 800-850 euro, but the money can be paid back
> to you from the ubuntu-be bank account today or tomorrow.
> --
> Jan Claeys

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