[Ubuntu-be] Ubuntu-be IRC meeting 26/08/2009 at 21 h. cancelled

Matthew Deboysere matthew at next-games.nl
Fri Aug 28 09:54:43 BST 2009

Don't say that at loud. This discussion reoccurs once every three months. 


That's why we made a new organization plan (with no enthusiasm, like you
said). But that's the problem. People want to change, but there are no
comments, no reactions. How can we discuss this when nobody wants to

I always read my mails and always want to discuss this way. If there is an
important question, I will mostly answer this. I don't participate in the
IRQ meetings because mostly I don't have time, but that would also apply to
any other moment of the week. 

Say what you think about the plan and spread the news. Only that way we can
discuss it.


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I also think a forum is a good idea. Not only for the reason Ivan
mentioned, also because the information is persistent then, from which
information can be condensed in the wiki without too much work.

I also have a topic that can be discussed. I saw an effort on the wiki
to organize the ubuntu-be organization more formally... without much
resulting enthusiasm however. My wild idea is to make ubuntu-be a VZW.
The exact rules of the organization can then be defined in the statutes,
and it would give the organization more credibility towards the outside
world (for example, to attract sponsors and new members). I is also just
a good and fun exercise in Belgian law. For more information, see:
To found a vzw, you need at least 3 members, which cannot be such a big
problem in my opinion. 

Let me know what you guys think.

On Fri, 2009-08-28 at 10:02 +0200, ivan flo wrote:
> It would still be nice if more people would show up and/or would tell us
> why they don't show up.
> Also, I think it's important that we mention that we want everybody's
> input, and that's why Jean asked for input if the current Wednesday 21h
> date/time should be changed.
> So everybody: if there is a topic that you want to discuss or talk
> about, but the current meeting date & time doesn't work for you,
> *please* *please* tell us and we'll try to accomodate...  :-)
> Mine's simple, I have also a family life.
> Therefore I asked to ask for a forum.
> Then I can login on a more convenient time, and answer to what concerns
> Sincerely,
> Ivan

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