[Ubuntu-be] Presentation ideas

Glenn South fc243265 at skynet.be
Thu Nov 13 12:41:14 GMT 2008

Marc B made a very good comment.

QUOTE: As people on such events tend to move around, you don't need a
very  large nr 
of slides either, just a few very powerful ones that catch the attention
people passing by.
If they than come for a closer look, you can then ask them what exactly
are interested in and show this on a second PC. UNQUOTE

WHAT SELLS NEWSPAPERS on the straats of NEW YORK, Chicago, etc. THE
HEADLINES. nothing more. Get the attention, general rule of sales. a
person has a 30 second mind capture to figure it out. Curiosity kills
the cat. You buy, you read, do the crossword? Sudoku? throw it away.

"BATMAN TAKES GOTHAM" What sold comics when I was a kid, Galactus,
Silver Surfer, think about what Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Dicktus did
back in those days, oopsa most of you aint that old to stand in the cold
to see a stack of magazines thrown on the street on donderdag afternoon
to wait for the next issue after you were up at four in the morning
getting your wagon filled. yep a western auto (retailer)wagon that your
dad help you get ready for.

Same theory. All the kids are so excited down here. Ubuntu, Warcraft,
Crossover, its coming guys. Just be patient help me get this going down
here. The only thing that has held Ubuntu back was the gaming. Nothing
more nothing less.
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