[Ubuntu-be] Presentation for Ubuntu release parties and > showbooths

marc mbohets at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 20:14:37 GMT 2008

For a presentation on mass events it is also important that the amount of text 
is very limited. 
At such events, no one takes the time to read all this text.
It is imho better to have one slogan per slide and an image supporting this 
phrase as an eye catcher.
An image often tells more than a thousand words.

As people on such events tend to move around, you don't need a very  large nr 
of slides either, just a few very powerful ones that catch the attention of 
people passing by.
If they than come for a closer look, you can then ask them what exactly they 
are interested in and show this on a second PC.

Slides with more text are interesting for training or in situations where 
people are more focused on the topic, like a specific presentation in a 
separate room.
At least this was my experience as exhibitioner at TMAB and thr 
Belgacom/Telindus symposium.
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