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Mattias Campe Mattias.Campe at gmail.com
Mon Mar 3 18:02:12 GMT 2008

Christophe Vandeplas schreef:
> Jan Claeys wrote:
>> Op zondag 02-03-2008 om 23:13 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Cedric
>> Janssens:
>>> SOmething  a little bit hard...
>>> When a teacher in a school tell to his pupils to launch the computer
>>> with a big Windows logo during the boot sequence. When the title of
>>> the course is learning MSWord...
>>> Isn't it a infraction to the article 41 of the "pacte scolaire" of
>>> 1959 ?
>>> http://www.educationsante.be/es/article.php?id=942
>> Good point, but what if they use a course title of "word processing"
>> instead, and still teach the same MS Word-myopic course?
> That is indeed the right 'solution'.
> Teachers shouldn't teach a specific application (except with very very 
> specific stuff of course), but they should teach the principles.
> Check these documents (dutch) if you have some time
> <http://documentation.vandeplas.com/vrijesofttegroept.pdf>
> <http://documentation.vandeplas.com/vrijesofttegroept.presentatie.pdf>
Glad to see that you're talking about things I use in practice, eg. 
talking about 'a presentation' instead of 'Powerpoint' :-). I also teach 
'computersystems' to pupils in a secondary school (Sint-Amandscollege 
Kortrijk-Harelbeke). They need to learn how to setup and maintain an 
operating system and we've got a dual boot so they can see that a lot of 
stuff behaves the same in Linux or Windows. Still most of the exercises 
are in Windows though.
>> I think teaching the teachers is te most important thing now...
> Correct; But also the most difficult part...
And if you've got a teacher who want to try out something different than 
the mainstream, then you've got another difficult part: a very good 
'out-of-the-box' book/course/tutorial that can be used in a class 
situation. Interesting in this case is that KATHO-Tielt uses 
OpenOffice.org for those who are learning for kindergarten teacher or 
primary school teacher. See http://ict.kathotielt.be/writer

Another thing that we - teachers - are missing is 'expertise' and 
'time'. Eg. we have some rather old computers that are too slow to run 
Windows XP smoothly. Xubuntu would fit in nicely here and although I 
have the expertise to install it on those pc's, I do not have that 
expertise and time to install ánd maintain it in a network environment 
(centralized logon, centralized file server,...).

But of course, the most important part in education is talking about 
'competences' and 'principles', rather than specific applications...


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