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Christophe Vandeplas christophe at vandeplas.com
Mon Mar 3 17:19:07 GMT 2008

Jan Claeys wrote:
> Op zondag 02-03-2008 om 23:13 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Cedric
> Janssens:
>> SOmething  a little bit hard...
>> When a teacher in a school tell to his pupils to launch the computer
>> with a big Windows logo during the boot sequence. When the title of
>> the course is learning MSWord...
>> Isn't it a infraction to the article 41 of the "pacte scolaire" of
>> 1959 ?
>> http://www.educationsante.be/es/article.php?id=942
> Good point, but what if they use a course title of "word processing"
> instead, and still teach the same MS Word-myopic course?

That is indeed the right 'solution'.
Teachers shouldn't teach a specific application (except with very very 
specific stuff of course), but they should teach the principles.

Check these documents (dutch) if you have some time

> I think teaching the teachers is te most important thing now...

Correct; But also the most difficult part...

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