[Ubuntu-be] Oost-Vlannderen - Geraardsbergen moving onto the future

glennsouth fa036236 at skynet.be
Thu Jan 10 13:45:37 GMT 2008

Mark, Bart, May 3rd. is set aside if you need my help. But we have come
up with a game plan to move ubuntu further down here. DVD Videos on the
refurbished machines in the retail winkels. Are there already AVI's,
DVD' already available as an introduction to Ubuntu? We are moving
forward with this production, but I wish not to duplicate things that
are already done.

A local retailer was here yesterday with a new Brothers Printer FAX COPY
PC-135 for sale that does everything, but we have a little problem with
the code. It works in ROOT USER mode but not Regular user mode.  

1. Is there someone I can direct the code too?
2. He also wants to know how to tell GRUB how to make Windows XP? / BOOT
first. And what files or code you need to do a change too. 

This is a second party retailer investment to the Ubuntu rollout cause
here in Geraardsbergen.

We are moving very fast down here for this cause.

Post, as needed. fa036236 at skynet.be

Glenn South

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