[Ubuntu-be] introducing myself

Jeroen Budts jeroen at lightyear.be
Tue Dec 30 10:40:19 GMT 2008


I just subscribed to this list and, as suggested on the ubuntu-be site,
would like to introduce myself. I'm Jeroen, 25 years old and i live in
Ekeren (Antwerp). I work for a small software company - Item Solutions -
in Borgerhout, as a developer. Most of the software we write is for big
companies (banks, telecom, etc) and is developed in .NET, although we
use Java for some projects.

I have been using computers for about 10 years now. Until recently i
used windows exclusively. Although i have always been interested in
Linux and have been wanting to switch for at least 4 years i never
really took the time to make the switch because my computer with
windows, well, 'just worked'.
About a month ago i made the switch, i installed Ubuntu with Wubi on my
windows PC, saw it and liked it, and exactly 8 days later i completely
removed windows from my PC and started using Ubuntu as my only OS.
A few days later i started experimenting with NetBoot and was able to
give my laptop a second life with Ubuntu. (both the CD-ROM-player and
the HD where broken and it would cost €250-€300 to have it repaired,
with Ubuntu and NetBoot i only needed a new HD for €50 :) )

A week ago I also re-installed the PC of our youth club ('jeugdhuis')
with Ubuntu (it also was a Windows PC).
Now i'm trying to convince my girlfriend to give Ubuntu a try.

So until now i'm very happy with Ubuntu, and i'm interested in getting
to know the belgian/dutch ubuntu community, and eventually help where i
can. Also i'm looking for an Open Source project on which i can work on
from time to time (in Ruby or Mono), i might take a look at Gnome-Do (i
really like that app and it is written in Mono).


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