[Ubuntu-be] Introducing: Me

David Dierickx denaakteman at pandora.be
Mon Sep 24 20:30:35 BST 2007

Dieter Vanderfaeillie schreef:
> Hi David
> Thanks for joining the ubuntu-be community!
> There will be another dipro fair on november 25th in Flanders Expo.
> Still to early to make preperations, but surely a date to keep in mind ;-)
> About the donation, we could use such a laptop (It is a notebook i  
> guess?). Thank you! Most Ubuntu-be Ghent material is stored at my place  
> (kattenberg 35), but i find the Kaarderijstraat a bit to far (that's near  
> the Colruyt isn't it?). No worrys however, i'm sure something will be  
> arranged.
> cheers
> Dieter

Wel ik moet morgen aan de platau zijn anders steek ik hem dan binnen (
10u ong).



ps. telnummer zou dan mss makkelijk zijn

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