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Cedric Janssens decirc at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 09:42:34 BST 2007

First of all : congratulations.

Second point : why those two computers didn't get Ubuntu installed ?
Technical problems ? Time problems ?


2007/10/22, Bart Broeckx <bartek at ubuntu-nl.org>:
> Ubuntero's
> the Gutsy release Party in Hasselt was 2 days ago now.
> you can read the report and watch some pictures on the wiki:
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/ReleaseParty/Gutsy/Hasselt20-10-2007
> It wa a hughe succes, thx to everybody.
> Greetz,
> Bart
> Report
> 10.30 The last preparations were done: internet connections tested, seats
> for the presentation in the main hall set in place to welcome a maximum of
> 75 interested people, in the kitchen some members of the computer club were
> preparing the snacks …
> 10.50 The first 2 persons arrive at the Party; more then 2 hours before the
> official start of the party. They where immediately entertained when
> Knightwise came in to have a video interview with me. Chretien, the
> president of the Bitmappers, was also invited to join us in front of the
> camera.
> 12.00 The first Ubuntero's arrive, they promised to come early. At the
> entrance Fabian, the vice-president of the Bitmappers, gave everyone a
> sticker with their name on. Ubuntero's got a sticker with the Ubuntu logo,
> Computer club members one with the Bitmappers logo. This way everybody could
> easily see the difference between a beginner and the more experienced
> Ubuntero's. This was a big success.
> 12.30 The crowd now starts coming in by great numbers.
> 13.00 Almost all seats are occupied, so the President of the Bitmappers
> asked me if I could already start my presentation "Introduction into Linux
> and Ubuntu" … it was due to be held at 14.00 …
> 13.30 Despite it was my first presentation ever - and for a full house - I
> managed to keep my nerves under control, make some little jokes …
> 14.00 Done … I even received a little applause. I went outside to have a
> drink and a smoke. Fabian told me there were already 100 persons at the
> party. Well above the maximum of 75 we predicted. The people were invited to
> bring their laptop or PC so we could help them with the installation. 23
> people did! Because we were well above our maximum capacity the 2 rooms with
> internet connection were filled with people.
> 21 PC's and laptops were successfully installed. Only 2 went home without
> Ubuntu. People were amazed at how easy the installation went, that all their
> hardware was recognized immediately, that even their digital camera was
> recognized out-of-the-box … People gathered before the laptops and PC's
> which had Compiz and were impressed by the possibilities of Compiz-Fusion.
> 16.30 A presentation about the live-CD, what you can do with it and how it
> can save your data
> 16.45 A presentation about Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, how to install software,
> look at the menu's, etc …
> 17.00 The last presentation was given about the possibilities of
> Compiz-Fusion and what's new in Gutsy by Wesley Stessens. I would like to
> thank him for this because he had only one day to prepare his presentation.
> 17.30 Now it's time to talk and have a drink, to exchange e-mails and to
> promise we would all come to the next release party. The public was
> enthusiastic and gave compliments to the Ubuntu-BE members who did a perfect
> job helping everyone
> 19.00 The last participants left the room and went home or to the city for a
> drink. I, from my side, I was dead tired … went home and fell in a deep
> sleep, having nice dreams about what's coming next. Exiting times are
> arriving for Ubuntu.
> --
> Bart Broeckx
> Willekensmolenstraat 83/7
> 3500 Hasselt
> 0476/66.20.80
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