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guido dom guido.dom at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 07:51:41 GMT 2007

I have a Canon scanner that worked perfectly in Dapper and Edgy but refuses
to START in Feisty, although in Xsaneit is recognised correctly.
In fact, i can see RGB scanned (thebar advances, but the scanner is dead and
only a white figure is shown.

In Win XP (dual boot) the scanner works normally.

When trying - Ubuntu - to import a graphic in OpenOffice, OOo crashes =
closes without saving.
When - in Control Center or Systeem trying to launch "HARDWARE" there is an
error message and a report can be sent (what I did).

Anyone with an answer/solution? (I do all the updates I'm asked for).

Tel:+32 (0)58 239804  +32 (0)497 538736

Nog een mooie dag toegewenst.

Guido (dompie) Dom
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