[Ubuntu-be] Ubuntu-be.org spreads Ubuntu love at VLOD education conference

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas.pettiaux at ael.be
Sun Mar 11 22:23:49 GMT 2007

2007/3/11, François Cauwe <francois at cauwe.org>:

> What I want to do first with the address we collected at the vlod fair
> is sending a mail with usefull links and usefull information to
> workshops and things like that.
> I think you should send education people with education specific things,
> and not send them to much mails they don't read anymore after a while.

as a teacher myself, meeting many colleagues often, I would suggest to
pay attention in the first message, and for exemple, include some well
chosen info and propose also to the teachers to accept an invitation
to a low traffic mailing list. Many of my colleagues are not as
familiar as we are with email, or at least much more conservative, and
do not like to receive many emails. So to keep these people involved,
I suggest that we propose them to chose which kind and how much
information to receive.

Just a suggestion :-)


Nicolas Pettiaux - email: nicolas.pettiaux at ael.be

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