[Ubuntu-be] Ubuntu / Linux event

Bruno De Bondt bruno at indymedia.be
Wed Mar 7 10:48:40 GMT 2007


I'm Bruno from Indymedia.be. At Indymedia.be, we're thinking about
organising an event when the next Ubuntu version is released (19th of
April). The event could take place the weekend after that (21st - 22nd
of April).

We have the following in mind:

- presentation of Ubuntu (what is it, where does
it come from etc)
- install party: installing Ubuntu (and possibly other Linux distros)
- multimedia - Linux workshops: video & audio on Linux, GIMP, ... We asked
Constant vzw (http://www.constantvzw.com/) to collaborate on this.
- test lab: testing/comparing of Ubuntu & Windows Vista
- our idea would be to do a 24h event, so there could also be 'lighter'
things like films, music, ...
- ...

For the Ubuntu presentation it would be great if someone (or some
people) of you could come and present Ubuntu: explaiin what Ubuntu is, a
bit about its history, where Ubuntu is now, where it is going, ....
Basically, it is an open platform for shameless Ubuntu promotion :-)

We are also looking for people to help with the technical side of the
event, with the Ubuntu / Linux installations and the test lab. If people
want to help with this part, please let us now.

Lastly, if you have ideas, suggestions, or if you would like to give a
workshop, presentation on free software, Linux, FOSS multimedia, ...
Everything is welcome.

The event could take place in our building (Haachtsesteenweg / Chaussée
de Haecht 51, 1210 Brussels - very close to the Botanique). There are
several rooms where we can provide internet access, we can provide a
'lounge' space with drinks and food, ...

Hope to hear from you soon,

-- bruno
bruno at indymedia.be

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