[Ubuntu-be] Presentation at dipro's

Mark Van den Borre mvdborre at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 23:26:19 GMT 2007


> We are looking for some people who would like to help to set up a PowerPoint presentation for visitors at future dipro's.
Improvements to
are always welcome. Maybe even a complete rewrite could be useful.

> Our plan is to show them with a nice presentation that a PowerPoint slideshow works fine in OpenOffice.org Presentation.
A good answer on compatibility, standards and black boxes is a really
good idea. Just don't force feed it to potential new Ubuntu users.
Keep it for those who explicitly start asking about it. We do the same
thing for people asking about Kubuntu and Xubuntu.

A good idea might be to find some public Microsoft
Word/Excel/Powerpoint documents, grab some screenshots of them
rendered in different MS Office versions and in a recent
OpenOffice.org. This would be a really nice illustration of the
problematic interoperability between Microsoft Office versions, _and_
a nice illustration of OpenOffice.org's import/export capabilities.

More in general, we need to be careful to keep the message simple and
consistent. One attracts potential users with familiar sounding words:
Firefox for surfing, OpenOffice.org for docs & presentations, Linux
under the hood talking to the hardware. One deflects potential users
with unnecessary complexity.

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