[Ubuntu-be] [eventbox] hardware to donate

Roel Huybrechts roelhuybrechts at skynet.be
Sat Aug 4 12:43:35 BST 2007

Hi fellow Ubuntero's

I don't know the actual status of the eventbox, but I've some hardware
to donate. It's actually quite old stuff, but it might be usefull.

It's a full computer set consisting of CPU, (small, I think 15")
monitor, keyboard and mouse. Hardware specs are attached and so are two
pictures. The main 'problem' is the small amount of RAM (64mb), the rest
of hardware should be good enough to run Ubuntu. [I installed Ubuntu on
it, which runs fine, just *very* slow]

If the machine can't be used (which I think will not be the case :p),
I'd rather give it to a 'kringloopwinkel' than it sits in someone's

Have a nice sunny day,

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