[Ubuntu-be] ubuntu-be LoCoTeam contact

François Schoubben fsc at info.fundp.ac.be
Mon Oct 16 17:22:42 BST 2006

Jan Claeys a écrit :
> Hello,
> As said in an earlier mail by Mark, we are working on getting ubuntu-be
> approved as an official "LoCoTeam".  Every approved LoCoTeam needs to
> have a "team contact"[1] who follows the locoteam-contacts mailing list
> (and preferably also several other lists) and acts as the main contact
> point between a locoteam and the rest of the community.
> At this moment Lionel is listed as the team contact, but I understand he
> doesn't have much time to read Ubuntu-related mail on work days, so I
> propose that I become team contact instead (I already follow the
> required mailing list etc. anyway).
> I already talked to Lionel and Mark VDB about this, and they were okay
> with it.  But of course you, all people of the Ubuntu-be community, have
> the right to give your input too.  So, if someone objects against me
> becoming team contact, or someone would rather become team contact
> themselves, please speak up and tell why.
> [1] <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeamContact>

Like Ploum, I vote for you, (I bet you'll be the only one wanting to 
read those amount of mail :-) )

Francois [OSM : Often-Silent-Member]

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