[Ubuntu-be] Website - help needed

Mark Van den Borre mvdborre at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 19:11:47 GMT 2006

2006/11/19, Pierre Buyle <mongolito404+ubuntu-be at gmail.com>:

> IMHO, the nl part of website  needs some work, there is too many small
> pages badly named. [...]
Some people - like me - think the nl side of the current site is an
adequate enough presentation of ubuntu-be.org and what it has to
offer. Others - like you - think it needs improvement. Still others
think the same about the fr side.

As the author of most of the nl side, I obviously think I did an
acceptable job. As the nl coordinator, I have the ambition to improve
the site quality. Being both at the same time poses some potential

Right now, I can't see improving the site quality as high priority,
but it is on my todo list... The obvious way to do this is to find
volunteers with proven excellent pr writing skills.

> But more important, we still
> don't have  german or english version
If willing and skillful enough volunteers step up, we will get DE and
EN versions, otherswise we won't. In fact, we were contacted some time
ago by native DE speakers Frans & David Geens who were interested in
making a DE version.

> and content is not up-to date
> (news related to June for instance).
Dapper is still relevant.

> Concerning a "news" website/mailing list, if you digg our archives,
> you should find a thread on using (moderated) announce mailing lists
> (fr, nl, de, en) on lists.ubuntu.com. The ubuntu-mailing are also
> archived using Gmane.org . Recen items from announces ML could be
> showed on the website using the RSS feed provided by Gmane. as
> demonstrated at http://ubuntu-be.org/index.php?page=annoucement
This looks great. I didn't even know you had it working already! I
will ask the ubuntu mailman admin for such  lists right away.

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