[Ubuntu-be] Website - help needed

Pierre Buyle mongolito404+ubuntu-be at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 15:55:00 GMT 2006


Since the website  has been discussed in another "thread", here is a
quick mail for those who want to help with the website and internet
ubuntu-be communication.

On our TODO (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelgianTeam/TODO) there is a
bit of information about what is needed for the website. It's not
complete, and if you see other things to be done, discuss them here
and add them the the TODO.

IMHO, the nl part of website  needs some work, there is too many small
pages badly named. For instance, the page about "getting Ubuntu" is
called "CD" and the page for support and help is "Hulp". The there is
"meedoen", "doel" and "contact" pages with information that could
probably fit on a single "About us" page. But more important, we still
don't have  german or english version and content is not up-to date
(news related to June for instance).

Concerning a "news" website/mailing list, if you digg our archives,
you should find a thread on using (moderated) announce mailing lists
(fr, nl, de, en) on lists.ubuntu.com. The ubuntu-mailing are also
archived using Gmane.org . Recen items from announces ML could be
showed on the website using the RSS feed provided by Gmane. as
demonstrated at http://ubuntu-be.org/index.php?page=annoucement

As I said, the problem is not technical (asking ubuntu.com people for
announce mailings lists & RSS aggregation on the website) but having
people/time to do it (ask for the ML, feed them with content, moderate
content submitted to the list, polish the simple RSS website
aggregation, etc.).
mongolito404, king of the mongolian people

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