[Ubuntu-be] Flemish ministry of education distributes Ubuntu

Philippe De Ryck philippe.de.ryck at skynet.be
Fri Nov 17 19:34:22 GMT 2006

On Fri, 2006-11-17 at 16:05 +0100, Jan Claeys wrote:
> <http://www.edublogs.be/2006/11/13/cd-rom-vrije-software-in-het-onderwijs>
> After publishing a guide about free software & open source last year[1],
> now every school gets 2 CD-ROMs[2]: one with open source for Windows,
> the other with an Ubuntu live-CD (unfortunately an old version, 5.10,
> but at least their intention is good).
> Sites are in Dutch, as this is the language spoken in the Flemish part
> of Belgium.  The description on the order page [2] (loosely) translated
> into English is:
>         With this CD-ROM the Flemish government wants schools to get
>         acquainted with the broad offerings of free software.  This
>         publication is the concluding piece of an awareness campaign to
>         bring knowledge about free software into education and to
>         support schools in their selection of quality software.
> [1] <http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/publicaties/?get=NL&nr=220>
> [2] <http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/publicaties/?get=NL&nr=261>


I'm a (voluntary) systems administrator in a high school, and received
the disk last week. I was happily surprised to see that there is an
effort being made to promote free software.

I'm already running a lot of free software on windows and try to squeeze
in linux (xubuntu in the weeks coming) where possible.

Are there any other people on the list working in education? Maybe we
can team up to provide useful information or something?


Philippe De Ryck

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