[Ubuntu-be] Flemish ministry of education distributes Ubuntu

Amedee Van Gasse amedee at amedee.be
Fri Nov 17 16:59:30 GMT 2006

Op vrijdag 17-11-2006 om 16:56 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef
> Hoi,
> I'm the tech webmaster for the Ubuntu-be website, but anybody can have
> an access to write/edit content ( (just ask me), as long they do
> participate here and tell us what they are doing. But this is the
> theory and only a few people did participate and edit the site (this
> is not a negative critic, just a fact, I'm nut judging anybody).
> I think this clearly show that the current solution used for the
> Ubuntu-be website (that's it, CMS-MS, the chosen CMS engine) doesn't
> work when it comes to create an asy to use, easy to get in,
> collaborative environment to maintain our website. I'm seriously
> planning to search for another solution. But, as I'm working on the
> next-gen Ubuntu supporter map I don't have a lot of time for the
> website.
> Maybe plain XHTML files (with minimalist template system) in a
> cvs/svn/bzr repository would do it better. For tech people, it
> shouldn't be hard to fetch edit and commit XHTML files. While non-tech
> people, could work either at the XHTML level or use a WYSIWYG tools
> (Nvu ?) to edit pages and send them to tech-aware people who would do
> the tech part of the job. And most of those who tried the current
> system (CMS-MS) dislike having to learn "yet another tool" to simply
> edit XHTML pages/files.

Sounds complicated.
Why not using an already existing CMS like drupal, bitweaver, joomla,
xoops, typo3,... that some of us already have some experience with?


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