[Ubuntu-be] Dapper Party

Grégoire Vigneron gregoir at scarlet.be
Tue Mar 21 16:25:28 GMT 2006

François Schoubben a écrit :
> Gorissen Pascale a écrit :
>> A press release will also be needed to give a decent presentation of
>> the product.
>> A printed version and a pdf version (for the journalist who'll not be
>> available to come).
>> I would like Jonathan to look for the room, to see if it is available
>> the evening of the install party.
>> I would like Plou to see if we can have a DNS ( Me : DNS management? I
>> don't no if we say that :-p) on the ubuntu-be.org domain, just to be
>> able to quote this domain as a reference in the press release.
> Maybe we must have a complete website before, no ? It's marketing, not 
> developpement, so the release early release often doesn't seems the 
> best here for me...
I think the webmaster of ubuntu-fr and ubuntu-de has proposed to host 
ubuntu-be here http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?id=20274&p=2 and 
here again http://forum.ubuntu-fr.org/viewtopic.php?id=20274&p=4 , what 
are you thinking about that?

Grégoire Vigneron

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