[Ubuntu-be] Dapper Party

François Schoubben fsc at info.fundp.ac.be
Tue Mar 21 16:10:47 GMT 2006

Gorissen Pascale a écrit :
> Hi everyone,
> As Cedric did not have the time to write his email in english, maybe
> I'll be helping some of you with a quick translation. (There will be
> here many mistakes : I really am tired...)
> Cedric Janssens<decirc at gmail.com> wrote :
> As we promised to ourselves to move on before the dapper release, I'll
> tell you what I already accomplished...
> I bought 100 writable cd's and 100 jackets.
> I'll burn 100 dapper the 1st of june, print the logo on it and put it
> in the jackets.
> Those cd's will be offered during our dapper party (taking place the
> 1st of june evening) prioritarely to the journalists who'll come, and
> if not, to anybody else coming.

Great !

> I don't want to sell those cd's, but there will be a box for those
> who'll be generous enough to give a tiny participation (without any
> obligation).

I might help there :-)

> A press release will also be needed to give a decent presentation of
> the product.
> A printed version and a pdf version (for the journalist who'll not be
> available to come).
> I would like Jonathan to look for the room, to see if it is available
> the evening of the install party.
> I would like Plou to see if we can have a DNS ( Me : DNS management? I
> don't no if we say that :-p) on the ubuntu-be.org domain, just to be
> able to quote this domain as a reference in the press release.

Maybe we must have a complete website before, no ? It's marketing, not 
developpement, so the release early release often doesn't seems the best 
here for me...

> Concerning the press release, I am thinking on using what was proposed
> in the "Metro" some time ago.
> We'll also need a press release in dutch, of course.
> One thing we must also think about is the fact that journalists are
> used to be proposed at least something to drink when they're guests...
> Where will we be taking the money? Little trouble here..

I can help a bit htere too (no, i'm not a brewer, but i save money on my 
licences, some must be redistribute for great projects :-) ).

> Thank you in advance for sharing your ideas on those matters.

http://jonathancarter.co.za/blog/?postid=23 seems a good idea too... 
Anybody with bakery knowledge ? :-)

> Cedric, over-excited Ubuntero ( Me : I assure you I'm just translating.)

François, not Ubuntero yet, i definitly have to choose a passphrase for 
pgp... :-(

P.S. And Thanks Pascale for the translation :-)

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