[Ubuntu-be] press release: Le Vif

Jan Claeys ubuntu at janc.be
Mon Jun 26 19:23:52 BST 2006

Op ma, 26-06-2006 te 19:40 +0200, schreef Amedee Van Gasse:
> I had one "request" that was not really a request but just somebody
> who lives near me and wanted to say hello.
> Then there was one request that was actually a server-related support
> questio, which I redirected to the appropriate mailing list.
> So far, I had only one real request.
> So, for me, 2/3 of the requests should be discarded from the
> statistics.
> With a ticketing system, I could give each request a status that you
> can filter on. 

I don't remember the total number of requests I got, but a.o. I got one
for a CD (but only if it was an official one), I got another person who
wanted a CD because he didn't know how to burn an ISO on his Windows box
(pointed him to some Dutch info on the Ubuntu wiki--will burn one myself
if that doesn't work out), one question from a free-lance teacher who
wanted more info because he was going to teach linux next year (he
didn't want to tell where but his site told me he works for Syntra
a.o.), one person from SeniorenNet to ask support for his linux corner
there, someone asked info on hybrid linux/windows network (using AD & MS
SQL Server from linux clients etc.--I gave some basic info and pointed
him to the mailing list for more) and I'm currently trying to find a
date for my first demo (there are some little incompatibilities on our
agendas for this week ;-) ).

BTW: how did your demo go, and what did you do exactly?

Jan Claeys

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