[Ubuntu-be] "Oops" seems appropriate...

Bastien Gorissen kadomony at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 07:03:45 BST 2006

Helle everyone !

I just realised that I forgot to introduce myself on this list... Sorry 
about that. So, my name is Bastien Gorissen (I also use the pseudonym 
Grungi Ankhfire, or just Grungi), and I am the brother of Alessa (or 
Pascale). So like her, I live in Limal, just next to Wavre. I am 21 
years old, and am a student trying to become a civil engineer in applied 
mathematics (I finish my third year now...).

I am a Ubuntu user since the start of Warty, but I tried other distro's 
before switching back to Hoary. And since, I have kept Ubuntu, which has 
become what I use almost exclusively.

I was also present at the Fosdem meeting this year, but I was really 
busy and didn't really have the time to participate...

Have a good day !


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