[Ubuntu-BD] little out of site but very important

just d way u like rmcooldude282 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 18:01:30 BST 2010

hello Guys!
i have been using the ubuntu from last three year and it was a very
pleasent experience with all its features and commands n all.this
community is a very helpfull one where all sorts of help can be obtain
inorder to grow towards lnux platform and thus for thos help n all i
was able to refer this os to as many people as i can .

But since i m a student of mca as time grows complexity arises and in
this sem i have some subject like system administration in linux and
for that purpose i was asked by my teachers to get loadded either
fedora or red hat, i explained them that i have a better thing in
linux --ubuntu
But they side that the files were somwhere else placed in ubuntu so
there wil be a mess in learning this subject and they will follow
rather fedora or red hat than ubuntu.

that doesnt mean i m leaving ubuntu but asking a little help from u all
i have installed the latest version of fedora i.e.fedora 13
n i am looking for a community like this so that i can be compatible
with fedora like i was in ubuntu .since its not like ubuntu that i
have tools like dpkg its here all rpm and hence i am in amess of
installing softwaress here(vlc)

so i request if any one of u have came across such a community please
help me out..


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