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Lenin lenin at phpxperts.net
Mon Feb 8 12:13:14 GMT 2010

If you use proxy from firefox to your gateway IP then it should work for
browsing purpose. Check that out.

Now, your description is little confusing. Sounds like you mis used the
info. Can you look at http://forum.amaderprojukti.com with specific info for
your problem listed there?

On Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 3:52 PM, Kamrul Ahsan <rabin_etc at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Ami Ubuntu use korte chachi.Ami ubuntu install korechi.Ami calbe Internet
> use kori.Ami Internet setting korte parsi na.Ami at 1st a lan a click kore
> VPN connection a click kore configure vpn a click kori.then Network
> connections box aase.ami wired a click kore edit a click kore amar mac
> address a mac address aase then IPv4
> setting a Manual click kore Addresses Add click kore  address a amar
> address ami netmusk a gatway a IP dei.DNS servers a gateway address dei
> Routes a click kore abar address a amar address ami netmusk a
> gatway a IP dei.Erpor ok dei.Abar Apply deiBut network connection box a
> Auto eth0 te Never aase.Ping korle ping hoy.Mozilla diye browse korle brows
> hoy na.
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