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Mon Feb 8 22:44:32 GMT 2010

I am getting trouble to understand your bangla. Anyway just download the
Ubuntu Manual from
it is written for 9.04 it will work in 9.10) and follow the steps

2010/2/8 Kamrul Ahsan <rabin_etc at yahoo.com>

> Ami Ubuntu use korte chachi.Ami ubuntu install korechi.Ami calbe Internet
> use kori.Ami Internet setting korte parsi na.Ami at 1st a lan a click kore
> VPN connection a click kore configure vpn a click kori.then Network
> connections box aase.ami wired a click kore edit a click kore amar mac
> address a mac address aase then IPv4
> setting a Manual click kore Addresses Add click kore  address a amar
> address ami netmusk a gatway a IP dei.DNS servers a gateway address dei
> Routes a click kore abar address a amar address ami netmusk a
> gatway a IP dei.Erpor ok dei.Abar Apply deiBut network connection box a
> Auto eth0 te Never aase.Ping korle ping hoy.Mozilla diye browse korle brows
> hoy na.
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