[ Ubuntu-BD ] ttyLinux Help needed

Masum Masum a.h.m.masum at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 18:54:06 BST 2008

HI all
I am now multibooting hardy and geexbox via GRUB. Now i want to make a very
lightweight CLI based Linux without any X . So I am trying with ttylinux. I
have compiled the whole OS but it is coming with LILO by default . How to
change it to GRUB?
In Hardy what entry should I make to boot into CLI or how to stop GDM
totally. The gdm stop command does not kill the desktop. I want to have a
separate entry in GRUB to boot in only CLI from existing installation for
saving battery power. I have tried the recovery mood but it logs me as root
and i could not figure out how to logoff from there to the user mood. Plz
advice. Thanx.

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