[Ubuntu-BD] Discussion and planning on RBL linux distro

dark lord darklord2007 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 05:32:58 GMT 2008

Ankur hav those codec pre installed

On 12/3/08, Mohammad Bhuyan <nuxser at gmail.com> wrote:
> Though I have no idea what this RBL linux is but I am going to jump in
> and provide my two cents:
>> Lats make 2 flaver
>> office edition = all kind of app that can be useful to office
>> corporate user Oo.o 3 must + xfce + less multimedia support + good
>> support for networking,internet communication that ubu already hav +
>> simplest lightest possible.
>> Multimedia edition for regular user = kde latest may be gnome too for
>> giv users choice + exclude Oo.o include small office app + all
>> multimedia  support  codec+ 3gp converter , mp3 ripper , non-linear
>> video editor,rythombox/banshee + wine +  compiz if possible provid
>> restricted graphic card driver too for manual installation.
> Without clear definition of what "less multimedia support" (office
> edition) is, I am going to assume that this version will not support
> playing of mainstream video/audio formats out of the box. And I think
> this is not a wise choice. Why would an office edition distro will
> need any less usage of media formats than a home user.
> True that business user might not need format
> transcoders/rippers/editior but these days they need to play more
> media contents than an average end user. Business users deal with more
> varied information than a traditional users and this is the age of
> multimedia contents. I guess I don't need to go on and provide an
> essay about that.
> And now going for the Multimedia edition, how do the project plans to
> provide "multimedia support codecs" without considering legal
> implications like Intellectual Property (IP) issues?
> Those related to this effort, have you ever considered why Linux
> distros fails to provide the basic codes out of the box (installed by
> default)? Why the user needs to go install them by thenselves? For
> example: Ubuntu has them in repository for you to obtain but they
> don't install/distribute them by default? Ever wondered why so?
> These is a very complicated web of legal issues relating to these
> codecs and you need to be aware of them.
> Any work relating to this codecs need to be aware of whats the
> Copywright & IP laws associated to the codes, How that IP is enforced
> in various geographical locations
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Intellectual_Property_Organization).
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