[Ubuntu-BD] Discussion and planning on RBL linux distro

Mohammad Bhuyan nuxser at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 05:22:10 GMT 2008

Though I have no idea what this RBL linux is but I am going to jump in
and provide my two cents:

> Lats make 2 flaver
> office edition = all kind of app that can be useful to office
> corporate user Oo.o 3 must + xfce + less multimedia support + good
> support for networking,internet communication that ubu already hav +
> simplest lightest possible.
> Multimedia edition for regular user = kde latest may be gnome too for
> giv users choice + exclude Oo.o include small office app + all
> multimedia  support  codec+ 3gp converter , mp3 ripper , non-linear
> video editor,rythombox/banshee + wine +  compiz if possible provid
> restricted graphic card driver too for manual installation.

Without clear definition of what "less multimedia support" (office
edition) is, I am going to assume that this version will not support
playing of mainstream video/audio formats out of the box. And I think
this is not a wise choice. Why would an office edition distro will
need any less usage of media formats than a home user.

True that business user might not need format
transcoders/rippers/editior but these days they need to play more
media contents than an average end user. Business users deal with more
varied information than a traditional users and this is the age of
multimedia contents. I guess I don't need to go on and provide an
essay about that.

And now going for the Multimedia edition, how do the project plans to
provide "multimedia support codecs" without considering legal
implications like Intellectual Property (IP) issues?

Those related to this effort, have you ever considered why Linux
distros fails to provide the basic codes out of the box (installed by
default)? Why the user needs to go install them by thenselves? For
example: Ubuntu has them in repository for you to obtain but they
don't install/distribute them by default? Ever wondered why so?

These is a very complicated web of legal issues relating to these
codecs and you need to be aware of them.

Any work relating to this codecs need to be aware of whats the
Copywright & IP laws associated to the codes, How that IP is enforced
in various geographical locations

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