[Bug 445460] Re: LTS Download Page has misleading content

Benjamin Thyreau benji2 at decideur.info
Thu Jan 21 23:49:29 GMT 2010

I see two separate issues raised here.

1 - The fact that ubuntu promised to maintain some old-version of major apps longer than upstream authors. (Alan post #8)
2 - The fact that - unless related to security - applications will almost never get patched/corrected/updated

I don't think 1. is a problem in itself - in fact, it is rather great
that they do. It just get more work on Ubuntu maintainer's shoulders.
The very problem in 1. i see here is in fact related to 2., although
from a sysadmin point of view : Nobody except heavy debian-fans assume
that the OS "maintainance" topics also control third party apps. Most
sysadmin would happily deploy an OS with Long Term Support  (sounds
great!) _unless_ they'd learn that Office will lag two or three years
behind _by design_ (no MSOffice compatibility for you, no bugfixes in
apps, even large ones !)

I'd be happy to keep this bugreport for the (badly-worded) "tricking"
part of the Web site, rather than for technical maintainance concerns.
This also gives a single short location to point to for pre-deployment
evaluations discussions.

LTS Download Page has misleading content
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