USN-186-1 (mozilla, mozilla-firefox) updates broken on Hoary

John Dong john.dong at
Tue Sep 27 16:49:25 CDT 2005

UPDATE: After the CC meeting, unofficial backports has been completely

What's the status on the Firefox backport? Are these changes legitimate to
make? What's the rough ETA for Firefox 1.0.7 to be in hoary-backports?

On 9/26/05, John Dong <john.dong at> wrote:
> Alright, with the three changes I described (libcairo dependencies,
> unmerge firefox-nopangoxft.patch, and gcc-4.0->gcc) in previous e-mails,
> the Firefox packages build wonderfully.
> I'm going to upload a copy to unofficial Backports (since there still
> remains Backports users that don't have<>yet), and hopefully the powers above me can apply these source changes and
> bring it up to official Ubuntu Backports :)
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