USN-186-1 (mozilla, mozilla-firefox) updates broken on Hoary

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Sep 26 00:33:40 CDT 2005

hi John!

John Dong [2005-09-25 10:50 -0400]:
> Yeah, I've been looking at this issue. The transition was done around
> 1.0.2-1.0.5, when Ubuntu didn't release any updates for several security
> vulnerabilities in Firefox.

Right, it took a while, backporting was a mess...

> As a result, Backports team just pulled the
> latest Breezy package (which has undergone mozilla-firefox->firefox
> transitions), and had to re-create the mozilla-firefox transitional package
> because devhelper depended on a specific version of mozilla-firefox that
> just a virtual Provides: line could not satisfy. We certainly didn't rename
> package just because we felt like it :).

I wasn't saying that, I'm aware of the naming mess. I'm aware of the
fact that you did not deliberately break it :-), but it's broken now,
and we should find a solution tot it. In Hoary it is called m-f, and
we can't rename a security update just because backports renamed it.

> With 1.0.7, Breezy has gone too far away from Hoary, and libcairo bindings
> no longer work when compiling Breezy 1.0.7 on Hoary. So, our options are:

> 1) Just use the aptitude process you described

... with a proper transition package this would probably be the
cleanest solution. With 1.0.7 being in hoary-security I don't see any
need to backport the Breezy version to Hoary.

> 4) Get hoary-security packages to properly override hoary-backports
> Backports-style firefox packages are identical to what Breezy has, so the
> upgrade to Breezy has been confirmed time and time again to be working
> properly. 

No, because hoary's ubuntu-desktop depends on m-f, not f, and there is
no m-f transitional package, so it is not the same.

> It's the hoary-security packages that have introduced the weird
> unthinkable case.

It didn't. A hoary->hoary-security->breezy upgrade works exactly like
it is supposed to. The security update did not introduce any naming
change and the like.

> I personally perfer 4. A few Conflicts: lines would fix everything.

Negative. A package will not be removed just because another package
conflicts to it. You need a proper transition package (an empty
package "firefox" that depends on m-f). Also, adding a conflict could
break the hoary->breezy upgrade easily.

John, creating a transition package is easy; I can help you to do it,
if you want (Breezy's m-f package is a good example, it does the
transition the other way round). James, would you accept that into
hoary-backports? If we cannot upload packages directly into h-b, then
the only solution seems to be a manual cleanup... :-(

Thanks and have a nice day!

Martin Pitt    
Ubuntu Developer
Debian Developer
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